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These are just a few of the pets we are fortunate enough to care for.

Helpful Services

I just want to thank Debbie for her impeccable service. If you ever need a pet or house sitter Debbie is the one for you. She is incredibly trained to handle anything your pet could need. She loves your pet like you do. She treats both you and your pet with kindness and well being in mind. Whatever you/your pet needs they will get. She took care of my 4 cats and they were brushed and their boxes cleaned as well as loved. She is an incredibly hard worker. And she is always on time. My kitties love her. You will come home to spoiled pets (in a good way)..
I genuinely highly recommend Debbie to you. She is nice and has a wonderful personality. If you want someone to love and take care of your pets and your peace of mind use Debbie

Sherrie Ridgeway

Fabulous Pettsitting Care For My 6 Pups

You will never find anyone as reliable, responsible, loving & caring to your pets as Debbie. I had to go out of town for four days and I am never away from my dogs and was very worried about leaving them. I have 5 rescue dogs plus a new puppy. I had Debbie take care of them & was amazed at how hard working & diligent she is, besides being so loving & caring. My dogs absolutely loved her and they are not easy. They have behavior problems, health issues, different foods because of allergies etc. and she just does it all without any worry from me. I know everything will be taken care of perfectly! They don’t like a lot of people and it takes time for them to adjust & they loved her right off the bat! I was so surprised & so happy to know I wouldn’t have to go through weeks of introduction. Anyways, I couldn’t recommend anyone else so highly, and I will never use anyone else! We have developed a wonderful relationship and I will always treasure this, as nothing is more important than my pups and knowing they are being taken care of properly! Thank you so much Debbie! You are a true blessing!?

Lynda Warren


Debbie has taken care of our seven pets while we are away for over two years and her track record is stellar! We have both cats and dogs and she works well with both looking after them as if they were her own…we like that. Other sitters did not have the depth of knowledge Debbie has about a variety of animals, especially dogs and cats. She takes time to observe the condition of all our when we are away and then report anything abnormal–our little dog gets distressed if we are on an extended trip and she noticed, providing the extra attention our dog needed. Debbie has also helped me with vet visits and trips to the groomer…..she totally gets FIVE STARS in our book!We highly recommend you have a meet and greet with Debbie when you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy and certified pet professional.

Diane G.

Very happy

Debbie came recommended by another pet sitter who had been recommended and didn’t have time for us. We have 7 animals– 3 large dogs and four cats. One of our dogs get stressed and takes her security job at the front door seriously and has scared other sitters away. Debbie has no issue with that, she understands the dog and they all love her. She walks the dogs as well and others have declined at the idea of walking them together even though they have been trained to walk together.

My cats were all rescue cats and therefore they are hesitant to show their faces when strangers enter the premises. And yet Debbie manages to find and connect with all of them as well. We are very happy with her services.


Helpful Services

Debbie is a big help to me. Making the time to keep up with all my dogs in the yard is very difficult. Poop Patrol is what she calls this service and Debbie dosen’t even mind doing it,…yucky to me! Anyway, she saved my relationship with my gardner and now I like being in my CLEAN backyard. Debbie also visits daily to feed and care for all my guys when I’m away. She is professional and does more than you expect (like poop!), so that is why she gets five stars!!!!!

Lynn R

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