Policies & Rates

Pet & House Sitting by Debbie is dedicated to providing your pets with professional, safe and loving in-home care.  We also offer house sitting services for clients when they are away from home.
 Initial Interview
  • The initial interview (Meet & Greet) is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet your sitters, and for us to meet your pets and orient to your home. Together we discuss and document your pets’ care and daily routine. We also gather information to help us set up your client account and to help us maintain and care for your home while you’re away.
    Typically, the interview lasts about 45 minutes. Initial interviews are required for all new clients before services begin.  All clients are required to provide two (2) sets of keys during the initial interview. Deposits and keys will be collected during the initial interview.  Sitters will keep your keys with a secure key coding system.  After the interview, if we are asked to pick up or drop off keys, there will be a $20 fee per visit.  If we are requested to return keys by mail, there will be a $6 fee.


      We offer via phone at (909) 262-4536, or email at hulabailey@gmail.com.  When received we will respond to  your request as soon as possible.  Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and while we make every effort to satisfy your sitting requests, there may be times when our schedule is full.  Under no circumstances should you assume you are covered without direct confirmation from our office.
  • Before going away, be sure to let us know (either by phone or email) where you are going and how you can be reached and if any plans have changed. It is also important to let us know if there any changes in your care instructions, keys, security codes or emergency contact persons.

92995865_scaled_128x128Pet Care

       Please be sure to have plenty of pet food, medications, collars, leashes, potty pads, cat litter and household cleaning supplies on-hand.  Plan on an extra few days beyond what you think you’ll need, as you may incur additional time away or unexpected delays in returning home.  I will make every effort to replace any pet supplies (food, litter, etc.) that you may run out of during your time away.  We will only bill the cost of  supplies – no service fee.
  • We walk only dogs of the same family, usually no more than three (3) at once. Large dogs that may be anxious, pull constantly, or who may be unpredictable will be walked separately.  We do not walk dogs off leash or at dog parks strictly for their safety.
  • Pets on time-sensitive medications or other special needs are given priority on our daily schedule.  Timing of our visits will be made according to agreed upon schedule and could be varied only due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • If you pet is on medications, please be sure to leave written instructions.  Be sure the medication[s] are available to the sitter and out of the pets reach.  Also, let the sitter know if your pet has any issues or difficulty taking their medication.  Please notify your vet that the sitter is caring for your pets.  Proof of vaccinations, current pet licenses and pet carriers for each animal are required, especially in case of disaster or if emergency placement is needed.
  • Every pet in your household must be seen a minimum of once a day & for the health and well-being of your pet, there are no exceptions to this rule. We can visit the home & pets 1-3 times a day, based on your needs. Our hours are 7a – 9p & we will always try to accommodate specific time requests.
  • If pets are free roaming, unsecured, have pet doors or electric fences we will not be liable for their well being when unattended.
  • Remember, to call your sitter and let us know you have arrived home.  Our concern for your pets care remains until we know that you have returned and all is now safe in your home.

92995865_scaled_128x128Refusal of Care

We may refuse care if we believe your pet is ill, contagious, stressed or malnourished and should be closely monitored.  Or if the pet is at risk to self, staff or property.  We may refuse care if we feel the pet or environment is unsafe in any way.  We do not provide care to aggressive animals or those with a bite history, to include behaviors such as growling, charging, chasing and bearing teeth.  Pets will be visited a minimum of once a day and there are no exceptions to this policy.

92995865_scaled_128x128Emergency Phone Numbers & Contact

  • Please be sure to have available the name and number of two contacts that could enter your home and know your pets, in the event of an emergency.


92995865_scaled_128x128Service Rates

    • We are here for you, whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, running errands or at work.  Our goal is to offer professional, attentive and loving care to your pets and home. Our daily pet visits include:


Fresh Food and Water
Exercise & playtime
Yard, litter box, cage or stall clean up
Administer medication
Lots of tummy rubs, ear scratches & loving attention
Also included to give your home that “lived in” look we bring in the mail & newspapers, take trash/recycle out to the curb, alternate blinds and lights & water plants

  • Our visits average 30-45 minutes & we offer them 1-3 times daily

Rates per visit are $23.00 (this includes all pets in household.) If you have more pets than can be feasibly serviced in 45 minutes, an additional fee may apply & will be discussed with you at the “Meet & Greet”

  • Dog Walking only:  $20.00 (1-3 small or 1-2 medium or large). This is a 30 minute walk

  • Pet Taxi Service:  $30 round trip.  No more than 15 miles from your home

Payments may pay by either cash or check.  Fee can be paid at the “meet & greet”. Clients that use our service on a monthly basis (i.e., dog walking 5x a week, sitting twice daily) may negotiate monthly billing.

92995865_scaled_128x128We do not charge any additional service fee for holiday visits. However, as this is a very busy time of the year, we appreciate a minimum 48 hour notice for cancellation or changes.

We care, that is why we have policies in place for your pets safety and comfort.

Please contact me if you have any questions.