How can you help the pets of deployed military members?

What happens to the dogs of our deployed military members?

That is a very good question and one that does not get asked nearly enough! When our military members receive their orders for deployment, they have a very limited time to get their affairs in order and say goodbye to their loved ones, including their pets. 

How can you help these brave men and women who serve our country?  You can start by clicking the link below for Dogs on Deployment.  This organization was started by two military members who understood first hand the trauma and heartbreak of saying goodbye to their furry family members.  Out of this the idea for Dogs on Deployment was born. 

Among the ways you can help :


Sharing their website link on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media to spread the word and get more people helping out

And most importantly, you can apply to foster a dog while their military parents are away


So please click the link below and find out how you can say Thank You to those who defend our freedoms by helping them with their beloved pets!


Dogs On Deployment

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